Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Stop draining your energy with 5 simple steps

A biological research held on plants and made a breaking discovery that the plants can draw energy from other plants. Yes, it’s true that the plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This research could also have a major contribution in bioenergy eventually giving the evidence that other living beings like humans can also draw energy in the same manner from other beings like plants.

Members of the research team has confirmed for the very first time that green alga named chlamydomonas reinhardtii, has the alternate source of energy from other plants and it also engages in photosynthesis. The research report was released in the online journal named Nature communications published by Journal nature.

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Plants need sunlight and water to grow and so as humans. People are like sponges, soaking up the environment energy.
Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee, Psychologist and Energy healer has defined the concept and said
“This is the reason, few people feel uncomfortable in specific environment or with group of people, where there is compelling energy and emotions”
He added further, that when these studies become more advanced then we can surely test them on humans and eventually able to translate for them. Further he said,

“The livings beings are not different from each other in few things, Humans and plants are alike, they draw needed energy to feed their emotional states which energize their cells or cause increases in cortisol an catabolize cells depending on the triggered emotions.”

The doctor affirms that the humans can heal within their own self and as well as via other living beings with the help of energy transfer like plants.
“Humans can absorb the energy via other humans, animals and any part of nature and heal themselves. That’s why being in nature is always so calming, energizing and uplifting for almost everyone.
Even doctors also recommend nature therapy for some of the patients.

Here are few tips to use to prevent your energy from draining and clear your space.

1. Stay connected to your inner self: Staying with your self means staying grounded with your true self and your purpose (rather than being driven by your ego). When you connected to your inner self, you can sense immediately when someone invade your space. With your grounded state you can able to release other emotions with your intention.

2. Maintain equipoise: If you do not like some group or person or place, don’t try to resist yourself, don’t push hard because the negativity then stuck in your place. And similarly too much indulgent in other things might disturb the orientation of your energy. Try to maintain the balance between the energies inside your place. Make calm and peace with anything and everything coming in the way and deal wisely. This will help you to avoid being carried away in your emotions which can be triggered by external energy. Be like a clear glass, if someone throws something on you, it will never get stuck in you, and it will get pass thru you.

3. Own your true self: We all have an aura around us that is the energy we have imbibed within us. We should own our space and protect it. If we shouldn’t protect it we will become vulnerable for the foreign energies to attack and enter in our energy zone. Be aware of your place and own it with strength. It means that we should protect our mental and physical health from the people likely to harm us.

4. Clean your energy: In the outside world, we are bound to have encounter with so many people for different purposes, so it’s good to clean your energy. There are few activities which can help you to clean your energy:

# Meditation, it is all time a favorite activity to cleanse yourself and protect your aura. You can easily start meditation by clicking here.

# Nature walk, Nature possesses positive and healing energy. As human body acts as a sponge, people absorb the free and positive energy of the nature and release their negative energy in the ground. Staying in nature for some time, it entirely cleans your aura.

# Watching sunrise, Sun is the god who burns all the negativity and provides the light and shine in the life. Praying to the Lord Sun will cleanse you and give you power and strength.

# Regular prayer, Prayer to the supreme energy will surely help you to clean your aura. You should fix a time of the day when you can regular sit for pray for 5-10 minutes. You should take a bath and put clean clothes before sitting for the prayer. Clean the temple daily before starting the prayer.

5. Summon your strength and power: When we are filled with our energy, there will be no space to enter foreign energy and so it is important to strengthen your energy every day. As we go outside every day and meet people, unknowingly we spread our energy in the environment. Sometimes we consciously use our energy to heal our friends, loved ones and sometimes to bless them. At that time, it is important to refill yourself with your own true natural aura. You can do this with all the methods which are told above to clean the energy.

Those methods cleanse your body and soul and also fill you with the positivity and strengthen your soul and body. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

How can I be successful in life?

A very common goal of many people is achieving success. Now the definition of success can be varied from person to person. For some of us success is when we don’t have to see price tags while shopping and for those people success is measured with the count of money. But for few people success is the synonym of popularity, name and fame.

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But in all the destinations of the success the path travelled to reach that desired destination is the same. Success requires you to be original and which requires you to be you. But the most common mistake done by people is that they travel the trodden path, copy the one who is already success to ensure their own success.

Success is not about taking the safe path but success is the result of being your original version. It is the destination of the path where you listened to your heart and accept your passion and then took it to the expertise. Effortless work in the direction where there is fun to travel alone is the direction to success.

Reading a motivational success story and get motivated is easy and that motivation get you started but in what direction? Direction is very important to discover. Discover your direction where you would love to lose yourself to give you the new identity as a successful man.

Now, the question arises how can i know the right direction? Success is all about walking towards the direction of your heart. To know your god gifts, you have to spend time with yourself. We think that we are so close to our self but in contrary we are very far from our consciousness. That’s the reason we feel so confused while making decisions, we have to think so much about what we want, what we like, what we want to do with our life, whom should we love, whom should we trust and all other difficult but mandate questions of life.

The one who knows his self is the person who knows what his heart wants, what makes him happy, whom he can love, whom he can trust and what is the purpose of his life and how he can make big in this life. Making a right choice is counted. Hatred will never provide you success and achievement in your life. You should love your work, your life, and your people.  Your hard work do not guarantees success to you, but it will guarantees you lessons and motivation with failure also rather than disappointment and depression. And aggressive and continuous efforts in right direction will guarantee you success.

Imagine the situation when you are so clear headed and follow your heart and is so happy. Yes, this only imagination is so calming.

Now, what should be doing in order to stay connected to our self?  Meditate
Meditation is the only answer of all the questions you have. Meditation brings your awareness to your Heart and your consciousness. Your heart knows all the answers and these answers will lead you to your passion.
Your passion is that where you will not get tired, it works as a stress buster for you. When you love something with all your heart, you enjoy working on it. You will stay with it and you own that work. Tell me, if you follow some work with this intensity, dint you get success. Yes, you will definitely get it. You need not to run behind it, you just have to follow your passion. People will come to you and adore you for your love for the things you do. Your love connects you with the work and with the people and this is the real success. You become one of your own kinds because you followed what you love and so you are the best in what you did.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Importance of Kundalini awakening

Initiation on spiritual path

The true initiation on the spiritual path is with the awakening of the kundalini Shakti. The outer activity of the kundalini Shakti gave us the ability to understand the outer world, in the same way when the kundalini waken up inside and become active, then we are able to experience the inner spiritual path. 

It is necessary to experience God

The yogic manuals said that when the inner kundalini is in sleeping state, then no matter how much you perform hard austerities, yoga practices or mantra Japa, You will never able to experience unison with the inner self. You will never able to realize the divinity inside you and neither you will ever understand the God nor will ever experience the Omni presence of the consciousness. So, it is very important to have the knowledge of the kundalini and put efforts in the right direction, if you are a true seeker.

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In the present state, you identify yourself as a human body which has definite shape and size. You have your limitations as a human. You are limiting yourself because of the lack of knowledge and awareness towards your true being.

You did not know the fact that you are bigger than you think. Your capabilities are more than you think.

You are beyond this only body.

Your existence is beyond your body

Your consciousness is the part of the universal energies. You are the part of the cosmos. And when you are aware of this fact, you become complete. You become the consciousness, you become the cosmos. So you are omnipresent. When your kundalini Shakti wakes up inside you then you are able to know your own true form and nature, you realize your greatness and able to understand that you are not just the part of God but the God itself.

If the kundalini remains in dormant state, then you will never able to experience the presence of God in your life even if the God is present in front of you.

Lord Vishnu was charioteer of the Arjuna. He was always present with him but he was unable to learn anything from his presence, because of his unawareness.  But when Lord Vishnu blesses Arjuna and woke up his inner kundalini, then only Arjuna was able to see the divine form of the God. Then The Lord Vishnu gave him his true darshan as the consciousness of the universe. He told him the purpose of the life and truth of the self. It is very difficult to know the God.  God perform every task but still he never considers himself as the doer of anything.
There is a verse in shivmahimn which says, “How will I describe your highness, when you are beyond mann, body and senses.” When soul is infinite, unborn and eternal, then how could you know it? You can only know about the soul thru the medium of the Shakti. 
Shakti is the way to reach the God. Shakti is the form of Shiva. As the way, you recognize someone by his face, the same way when you see the light of the kundalini, you recognize her in her true form as the consciousness.

That is why, to know the God, it is very important to awaken the kundalini shakti inside you. According to the Shaivdarshan, when a siddha yogi attains the strength of the kundalini Shakti, then she expands in infinity and imbibes the whole universe inside her; at that time the siddha yogi can see the entire universe in his soul. He will not be limited to the body but become one with the God, he become one with the supreme power. He became one with the Shiva and in the end become Shiva.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Supreme nature of Kundalini


In every ancient scripture, kundalini Shakti is described in their own different ways. In Japanese, It is called as “Ki”. In Chinese, it is called as “Chi” and in Christianity; it is called as “Holy Spirit”.

The other name for kundalini is Chitti, it means the consciousness and awareness of the universe. Prtyabhigyahridyam, the main scripture of Shaivdarshan described kundalini as: Chitti svatantrta vishwasiddhi hetu, “Universal consciousness creates the world with her free will”. Consciousness is supremely free.  She is not bounded to create the Universe; she creates the universe with her supreme wish.

kundalini, kundalini awakening, kundalini shakti, spiritual awakening, enlightenment

What is the form and nature of kundalini in actual?

Kundalini is power of the soul, it is the consciousness. It is said that the kundalini is sleeping inside us as the form of rounded snake. The name also suggests the formation of the energy, in Hindi the spirally formed posture is known as kundali, as a snake sat making a spiral of whole being.

Where is kundalini situated in human body?

This energy is in dormant state in the human beings. Kundalini is present at the root of the spine which is called Madhya. The dormancy state of the kundalini is the cause of the wanderer behavior of human; they are not known the truth of their existence and the universal energy. They wander in the search of the happiness in the outer world.

This divine power which is present in every human being is called kundalini.

The kundalini Shakti has two sides: one is outer, which connects us to the outside world and other is inner, which helps us to turn inward and took us to the supreme truth. The outer side of the kundalini Shakti is working properly for all of us as we are connected to the outer world perfectly but the inner side is in dormant state. When we wake up the kundalini Shakti, the knowledge of the self illuminates inside us, which is the most important knowledge.

The divinity of kundalini

Shakti is wife of Shiva so Kundalini is worshipped as mother in India, she is considered as the supreme power. She has given birth to the universe. She is formless and eternal, all pervading and omnipresent divine consciousness. Some people see her as bliss. The yogis treat her as their goal. The disciples sing the song of her name and she became their love. The seekers of the Supreme see the same Shakti in all and they glide into it as experiencing Shakti in different forms. There is nothing beautiful, powerful, great and divine as kundalini Shakti. She resides at the Madhya and she blazes like a beautiful shiny beams of morning sunrise and when she awaken inside us, then we can see her as epitome of light shimmering within us.

She has the power to create the universe. 

The way, heat has the capability to burn, so it is not different from Fire; in the same way, the one who possesses the power to create the universe, is not different from the Supreme God.

In mantra, she is in the verses of mantra and in words; she is in the form of knowledge. She creates the verses and she has given birth to the sound, language and symbols. So she is present from the beginning till the end of the symbols with which we communicate. The main sutra called Shiva Sutra from Kashmir Shaivasim said that: Ichcha shaktiruma kumara, “Kundalini is god’s spinster will, who is called Uma” She is called spinster because she is constant in progressive mode. The play of the Shakti is – to create the universe, and maintain a balance in it.

kundalini, kundalini awakening, kundalini shakti, spiritual awakening, enlightenment

In this world there is much diversity. There are so many various things in this universe that it is very difficult to know them all and every atom has consciousness in its own. Everything we now are consciousness. A farmer sows many varieties of seeds like lemon, chili, sugarcane etc. in his field. He gave water to all the seeds and when this water enters in the seed, it transforms its characteristics as of the fruit. Like when the water goes inside the lemon, it becomes sour; similarly, when water goes in the chilies, it becomes spicy. But the soil, water and the farmer is same who helps the seeds to grow and become fruits. In the same way, the Shakti, who creates the different things of universe, transforms itself in the different forms but the consciousness is the same in all. As the physical bodies of every human is different but the soul is same as one consciousness.

Kundalini did not make the universe like the way a man make different things on earth, like a man make a house but the house and the man are different from each other. But the kundalini Shakti creates every part of universe with the part of herself. She is present in parts in her every creation. So ultimately she is the universe.

She becomes sun, moon and stars to light the universe, she took different forms in according to maintain the life on the universe and help his very own every creation. 

She became the life force to alive the humans, birds, plants and animals. She is one who became water to fulfill our thirst. She became the food to feed us. Everything we see or not able to see, from earth till the sky, the one who existed is Chitti, is consciousness, and is kundalini or nothing else. She is one who gave action and consciousness to the Hugh elephant and also to the smallest of the ant.  She is present is the purest form in her all creations and she never loses her divinity in any form of creation.

Kundalini awakening heals you

The divine power of kundalini is the power of our soul. We talk about waking up the kundalini inside our body, but it is already awake inside our body. The way the Shakti has created the universe and nurturing it in the same way she has created human body and she is present from toe to head. In universe she resides in the middle and took care of it, in the same way, inside a human body, she resides in the Madhya, at the origin of the spine, while present in the root Chakra; she is regulating the web of 72000 nerves in the body and nurturing each one of them.

Kundalini is the base of the life. She activates the body. When she is active outwards, then she works thru the senses and mind and give us ability to efficiently work with them. She is one who energizes each sense according to their behavior. She is the power who listens thru ears, sees thru eyes, tastes thru tongue and etc. Our mind works and we are able to think with the help of the consciousness. We are able to contemplate and discriminate with this power. She empowers our imagination. She flow our breath in incoming and outgoing direction and pumps our heart.

She is omnipresent in her outer form and this is reason, we are not able to experience her inner presence instead of her active presence inside us.  We are able to understand her only with the knowledge of the self. We have to waken the inner kundalini and activate her because she is one who exposes herself to us. We are not able to understand her with the outer means. As sun lights the whole world and itself, similarly the Shakti knows everything and herself too. When she became activate in the inner state, she will herself emerge as the knowledge and expose herself to us.

Power of Mantra

What is the meaning of mantra?

Mantra means the name of God, which repeated regularly to attain him and the grace of mantra protects the one who contemplates it. It is something which imposes some power and the repetition of which heals you within. The power of mantra is immense and unidentifiable. The power works as the belief of the enchanter. You should have the belief that the repetition of this word or phrase will give me positive vibes and energy. The trust you show to the mantra, it reflects back to you.

Few phrases are so much powerful that you can feel the vibrations and energy of the word and they are considered as the auspicious mantras and most powerful mantras, like Om, om namah shivaya, soham.

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Importance of mantra:

Mantra is a powerful medium to calm your mind. Mind is full of thoughts and distract us to the outward world, Mind is always playing with thoughts or cooking up imaginations beyond reality, so mantra is the thought which actually calms you down and helps you to turn your thoughts inwards.

How mantra Works?

Mantra is a very life of meditation, the greatest of all techniques. A mantra is a universal sound or cosmic vibration. 

It is vibration of the consciousness, the true experience of the inner self and when we drown ourselves in the mantra; it leads us to the supreme.

Mantra can be in the form of letters, or can be in the form of words, or can be in the form of sentences, but all take us to the ultimate goal. Whether in daily or spiritual life, our entire work is carried via mantra or can say through words. Without words and sentences, we are not able to communicate with each another. With spiritual mantra, we are able to communicate with the self. Mantra is the language of the self.

Mantras bear their fruit very quickly.

The great saint Tukaram Sai said about the mantra: "when the name of the god is on your tongue then liberation is in your hand. 

This can be understood easily as the words you utter for others, the other person immediately gave you response. Sweet words reciprocate into smiles and if you call somebody foolish you have to face their aggression, this is the power of the words. Imagine, if you repeat the name of the god, who possesses so much positive energy and vibes, the same will flood in you.  

Effect of mantra on us

Once a saint is giving lecture on the power of mantra. He was saying that mantra is great and it leads us to God. From behind a man stood up and said, if I shout bread, bread that will not give me bread. After listening to the man, that saint shouted to him that bastard, sit down. The man become furious and starts shaking in anger. He shouted back on him that you call yourself saint but you do not have manners to talk to man. Saint smiled and said I am sorry sir, and begin to tell him further that my one abusive word, filled you with anger, why don’t you believe that the name of the God , which possess so much power itself in it, have some positive impact on you.

Mantra leads us to God

There is no difference between the God and his name. 

The scriptures say that mantra is God. As we repeat the mantra, it purifies us completely by penetrating our entire being. As we repeat it more and more, it penetrates our mind, our intellect and our imaginations. As we repeat mantra, we should focus on our inner self, on the place from where it is coming, the source.

It is very important to understand the meaning of the mantra and associate the mantra with yourself. Without knowledge of the mantra and separating mantra from your own being, there will be no use of repeating it. Like if we communicate in the language which is not understood by the other person, there will be no difference of your words on him. If we hear an abusive word, we immediately identify ourselves as the object of the word, and that is why it has such an effect on us.  Similarly, to communicate with the self, you should associate the words with your being and focus on the meaning of the mantra. The reason mantra does not affect us as profoundly as a bad word is that we do not identify with it in the same way.

The one who wants to attain the power of the mantra, who wants to immerse in mantra, should have the awareness that the goal of the mantra is one’s own inner self, that there is no difference between one inner self, mantra and the goal of the mantra.

Kashmir shaivism says that we should meditate on God by becoming God; only then we can attain God.

How many times you should repeat a mantra.

It is auspicious to repeat 108 times. The significance of the letters: 1, signify the one God; 0, signifies the circle of the life and death; 8, signifies the infinity, shiva symbolizes infinity.

So the number has the auspicious energy within itself, so people used to do mantra japa 108 times. But it is not bounded in numbers. More is merrier. We can repeat as many times as we want to.

Science describes the concept of mantra:

We have given our mind a forced thought as mantra, which is repeated many a times. So, you tend to think that given thought only, throughout the day. As the mantra is positive, you felt positive the whole day with the help of the thought. Your mind is already absorbed in one thought so frequently; other thoughts are not able to dive in the mind. As the number of thought is only one. You felt calm and realize the thoughtless state which is actually the state where you have only one thought altogether which is consciously given to yourself and so you did not consider it as thought and feel thought free.

Power of mantra, mantra, spiritual, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, meditation, healer

Mantra japa practice for the beginners:

It’s always a good practice to start with small steps:
1.Decide your mantra and imagine that the most auspicious and divine word.

2.Decide the numbers of repetition, like you want to repeat it for 9 times in the beginning. You can gradually increase it by the time.

3.Decide a place where you will sit to repeat mantra.

4.Decide a time when you repeat it daily. It is very necessary to have a regular practice to have the proper results.

5.At the decided time and place, start with the pray.  It is necessary to invoke the grace at the beginning, by this means, we call the energies of the cosmos inside us and we enhance it with the practice you are going to do.

6.Repeat the mantra or start mantra japa with focusing on your breathe and with the sync of the incoming and outgoing breath.

7.After you complete the repetition, sit for a while and feel the vibrations of the mantra inside you.

8.When you are done with the practice. Write down your experience in your journal. Journal helps you to track your learning and experiences by the time. You can also see your growth in your experiences after a year and so. You can also revisit them for the motivation.

This is how you can initiate your practice of mantra japa.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Meditation leads us to the God

Meditation helps us to turn inward and experience the self directly which reside inside us

There are various tools and techniques that are supposed to lead us to the god, but thru all the times, sages and saints meditate to reach the Supreme. Meditation is the most direct way to reach the goal. However, we used to find it outside in the temple, churches, mosque or in the books but all can give you address where the god resides but you have to travel the path inside you thru meditation to reach the god.

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Meditate on your inner self leads you to God.

The great saints and siddha beings always suggest meditating over books and visits of temple. Their belief was that your body is your temple and your inner self is the god, you have to turn inward and see thru the eyes of the soul to experience that god. Saints believe that brain can make books and but books cannot make brain, so develop yourself with your inner power. The outside world cannot give us peace and happiness till the time we are not happy and calm from inside, so it is very important to visit inside first.

Meditation on outward things provide you skills

The Upanishad says that everything in the universe is in meditation. Meditation is universal and for all. Meditation is nothing but the perfect power of concentration.  The concentration towards outward helps us to do our outer work; we read with concentration and got skilled in that field. But when we turn our focus inward and give our attention to the inner self, just as we focus on external objects, we meditate on the self. Meditation on the self gives us the knowledge of the ultimate truth.

Meditation liberates

Meditation is a purifier that washes away all the sins of countless lifetimes and removes all the negativity and stress that stuck in the mind. Meditation heals us of disease and makes us more skilled at everything we do. Thru meditation, our awareness expands and our understanding of inner and outer world grows and become deeper. We travel thru many inner journeys via meditation and have many significant experiences. Meditation balances the mind, which constantly wanders and become the cause of sufferings. It establishes us in the state of supreme self, a state of equipoise, which is independent of the outer world.

Meditation tells the difference between the inner and outer world.

It is important to distinguish between the body and the self, when we are able to understand that body does not limit us, that the pain and pleasure of the body do not affect us; at that time we are able to recognize the self.

According to the Vedanta, pain and pleasure only affect the person who does not know the inner self. Even in our daily routine, we feel pain when we got hurt for certain time, for certain consciousness, we do not feel it all the time or when we divert our mind, we tends to forget pain. And during the sleep, all pain, all miseries of the body and mind vanishes ad you fall asleep in the peace.

In dream, we visualize something which is also not real. In meditation, we can witness all the states and this state is the state of God, is the state of Inner self.

When we pass from dream to waking state, our understanding changes, similarly when we realize our real self, we see ourselves differently; we understand that we are divine. We are divine, because we can achieve the state of divine thru meditation, divinity lies inside us, inside all of us.
There was a great being name Hazrat Bayazid Bistami. He was a sufi and used to meditate regularly. As his meditation became deeper, he reached a state in which he began to proclaim, “I am God”. One who has not experienced it finds it hard to believe.

Understanding it in a simpler way, with experiences, your understanding for yourself changes, when are studying, you call yourself a student, when you start working, you call yourself a working man, your experiences grow and so as your understanding. When you identify your body, you call yourself as student or working men, but when your “I’ vanishes in the supreme light, you become one with the highest, subtlest level of consciousness, which attains the awareness: “I am God”. That understanding emanates from the deepest place inside us which can be visited with the help of meditation.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Meditation is beyond sleep.

Sleep is the answer to many questions, try beyond it.

The ultimate question of the universe is “what do human beings want? And I think the simplest and most universal answer is happiness. Everything we do is in order to seek happiness. We try to find happiness in our work, food, friends, family, places etc. We used to have our favorite dish, when we feel little sad, we used to meet our friend; we travel to find peace and a lot more things to seek happiness. Now, think about having your favorite ice cream, the joy felt is inside you and not in the ice cream. The happiness lies within not outside which is triggered with the help of outer things. We used to expand our outer world and perform so many daily activities to seek happiness but why can’t we direct access it from the source, which lies inside us.

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The outside is reflection of inside:

The divine happiness lies inside us, the same happiness which we are finding in outside world. The joy felt in doing our favorite activity is actually the reflection of the joy of our inner self.

We are conditioned to seek our happiness outside, because it is easy to put finger on the material things which gave you happiness, but that happiness is temporary. You can stay happy for some time because of your favorite thing, but after some time, again you feel that emptiness in your life and seek outside for some other thing which is more interesting. This way, a human keeps on wandering for the real peace and true happiness that never fades away. Contrary, he is seeking outside, when peace lies inside. Bliss is in the self.

What happens in sleep?

The testimony for this is our sleep. At the end of the day, no matter how much we enjoyed, all we wanted is to take refuge in the blanket and sleep. After the entire hectic day, we used to straightly go to our room, put off the lights and sleep. During sleep, we are alone, we do not want our family, friends, we do not want money, food, nothing at all. We are at ease and in peace. In sleep, all the fatigue of the day is removed by the strength of our own spirit. In the morning, we feel completely refreshed. Our body heals in when we are in sleep. This is the magic of this mystical creation of God.

Meditation is beyond sleep.

If we think carefully, why we got exhausted in day during so much things which we think are the source of our happiness and in contrary. Why we get so much peace at night during our sleep, it will help you to understand that the real source of contentment and happiness is not outside but inside. During the day, our minds turns outward, while in sleep it turns inward and reside in the source, where the self-dwells. That is the reason, a blissful sleep removes all pain and struggle of life, and we forget all the worries of waking state.

In dreams or nightmares we tend to see anything and after waking up, nothing was real what so ever you had experienced in the dream. Your dreaming state is beyond your waking state. Meditation is the witness of all the states. 

In meditation, we can witness all the states. It is beyond all pains and pleasures of your waking state and your dreaming state. 

Meditation is the state beyond the sleep, where there is the source of happiness, which we are seeking in the outside world. What we are really seeking is the supreme truth and thru meditation we can achieve that truth in the form of bliss. Meditation is the state, when we entirely focused inward and this state is once experienced by everyone.

Remember any incidence, when you meet your loved one after a very long time, the time when you hugged the person so tight and closed your eyes, in the moment, you are at peace, your entire focus was toward your heart, that was feeling of happiness rather bliss.
Or remember, you are very hungry and ordered your favorite dish, the moment that first bite goes inside your empty belly, your entire focus turned inward to the bliss you had felt and forgetting everything else.

During meditation, your kundalini rises upward. Your body is the made up of the elements of nature i.e  air, earth, water, sky and fire. But our human body is limited as we are controlled by our senses. When we go beyond our senses. our chakras which represent all the five elements of the  nature opens up. We become on with the energy. We are one with the consciousness at this state. We can see our waking and as well as our dreaming state in the state of meditation.

The real self

Human being is divine, but our lack of knowledge keeps us small.

We think ourselves as body. We identify ourselves with our names, with the taste and preferences we have, we identify ourselves with our thoughts, our talents, and our good and bad actions. But truly these are just societal parameters given to us, this not we truly are.

Within us is a being who knows all the actions of the body and remain untouched by all of them. There is a being in us, when he left, our body seems dead. Who is awake while our body sleeps and in the morning gives report of the dreams to us?

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says: “Arjuna, this body is called a field, and the one who knows it is called the knower of the field. O Arjuna, I am the knower of all these fields”

The one who lives in the body, but who is apart from the body as the knower of it, it is our real self. The self is beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the distinctions of name, color and sex; it is pure “I”, the original I - consciousness that has been with us since we came in to the world.