Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How to meditate in 5 easy steps

Easy Meditation

In today’s hectic life, it is very important to take care of your physical as well as mental health. Meditation (Dhyan) is one of very effective tool and spiritual practice to heal your body and soul. Meditation is the process with which you can calm yourself and distress yourself. You can easily initiate meditation with the help of these basic meditation techniques and steps given below:

Step: 1 Comfortable clothes and place

Light colored Loose clothes

Wear loose clothes in which you feel comfortable and they should be light colored. There is immense importance of what you wear while meditating as colors absorbs energy. It is recommended that you choose a light colored dress and wear the same dress always while meditating because the energy absorbed in that clothes helps you to glide into meditation easily for the next time.

White Aasana

It is recommended to use an aasana beneath you while meditating. Color of the aasana is also having significance. White colored aasana should be used to gain peace from meditation.

Clean and comfortable corner

Choose clean place with no disturbance to sit for meditation. It is important to feel at ease before starting the meditation. If you choose the same place for regular meditation, that space also energize positively and helps you to glide in meditation immediately after some time.

You can also decorate your meditation corner with the healing crystals and puja setup, photographs of God/Guru, these things support you to focus on the positive and avoids the distraction.

Step: 2 Firm Posture

On Floor

It is important to sit in a comfortable posture so that you can focus for long time. If you are sitting on the floor, then sit cross legged and feel your sitting bones relaxing on the floor. Relax your spine and shoulders. Feel your spine moving upward. Uplift your face a little towards sky to support your neck. Most easy posture is in sukha aasana. You can take help of cushion beneath you to sit comfortably for a longer time.

On Chair

If you are sitting on the chair, rest your feet at floor. You can choose cushion to help your posture. You can also put cushion under your feet to have ease in your legs while sitting for long time. A comfortable posture supports in the awakening of your kundalini shakti.

It is good if you are able to sit facing the east direction.

Meditation in 5 easy steps

Step: 3 Pray and Create intention

Prayer to God

You can pray either to Guru, God or you can pray to the cosmos to support you in your practice and provide you positive energy. The practice of praying creates a sense of gratitude, which will eventually develop a virtue of surrender in you. Surrender washes your ego and heals you mentally.

Intention for meditation

It is important to create intention and speak it before beginning. Your intention can be anything mainly the purpose of your meditation. It is important to focus your energy and thoughts on that positive purpose you want to fulfill for yourself.

Step: 4 Focus on breath

Close your eyes and start focusing on your breath. Take few deep breathes and focus on the incoming and outgoing breath. Feel it going inside your body and coming out of your system. It is the simplest way to focus your mind. You can be distracted via thoughts while focusing, but its fine, let them come and go. Be the witness of the thoughts, rather interact with them. Do not give them energy. Try to focus in the source of those thoughts.

Step: 5 Repeat mantra

Start repeating any mantra with your natural flow of breath. You can choose any mantra with which you are comfortable.
You can also chant before meditation, you can also read a scripture or spiritual book immediately before sitting for the meditation.

It is important to take support of these tools before meditation because they help us to control your thoughts and strengthen your focus on the self.

These few steps help you to begin meditation at home. And you can begin your journey on the spiritual path. Meditation is a healer for your body and soul. Meditation not only calms you but also help in your spiritual growth.


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