Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Love beyond senses

Purest form of enlightenment is love

Love is something which is to be experienced not defined. But what truly it is, actually known to less people.

What is love?

Love is said to be the purest form of energy and the ultimate truth of the nature. Yes, it is, love is pure and happy. But why then we feel so much pain and sorrow in love. No, we are mistaken because the truth is, it’s not love which gives you pain, but attachment does. Bondage does. You try to set chains for your love, which is wrong. Love should be set free. It gives you wings, gives you strength, positivity, happiness, security, trust and a lot more.

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What is not love?

Love becomes pain when love tends to get attached. Attachment leads to desires, which eventually, if not fulfilled cause pain. Attachment leads to expectation, which again when not completed become the cause of pain. You surely get attach to people but when this attachment cause problems, then the purity of love is diluting. Love creates solution with happiness, not problems. The purity of love diminishes where senses got attached to it. Ego is the evil of all times in the way of love. When ego vanish, then pure love blossoms at its best.

it’s not love which gives you pain, but attachment does. Bondage does.


How do senses work?

Description: Love is Pure, love, senses, spiritual, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, healer
Control over your senses is very important else senses will control you and then you will wander in the worldly life forever. Renunciation of your desires and ego is important; it gives you connection with your inner self. Your mind will not create hindrance between you and your heart. 

Controlling your mind and desires will able to reach the state where you can able to communicate with the energy directly. You can realize the breeze of wind, warmth of the fire, wetness of the water, your eyes will see only god and your ears only listen to the hymn of god, your mouth will only chant the name of the God. Love is not limited as a part of you but you become Love. 

What is the state of pure love?

A spiritual being blesses the world with the positive energy. He sees all humans with one eye and for him there is no difference in the good and bad people. The people are not bad for him but their deeds are which eventually resolved by their karma. He sees them as the purest form of nature and extension of God. The state of love has to go beyond senses. 

Love is meant to give but not to receive.

In the state, when you will able to see the good and bad deeds inside people rather than judging people, then you help them to walk on the right path. You do not hold any grudge; you forgive and pray for them. You bless them for their happiness. You are the epitome of love and light, who spreads love wherever you goes. You are of everyone but of no one, everybody loves you but nobody possesses you. Your love is the strength but no weakness.
Description: Love is Pure, love, senses, spiritual, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, healer

How can you achieve this state?

This state is achievable, but yet difficult. You must have connection with own divinity. This can be achievable when you are spiritually awakened. When enlightenment enters you, your perspective will change entirely. You live in bliss. You see bliss. You spread bliss. The initiation on spiritual path is with kundalini awakening. Meditation is the one mean to achieve pure bliss.

Acknowledge the divine power within you to heal yourself and people. You are God. This realization itself creates tremendous strength in you to heal the world.

Renunciation is the key. Every attachment should be dissolved in the Guru. Ego, anger, negativity, desires of sense, you have to travel beyond them. Become aware of your actions and situations, try to witness them from the outside rather battling with them from the inside. It has to be in your awareness and practiced cautiously daily and it will become your nature gradually.

Be in the nature and witness the flow of love with the nature. The tree gives you everything without expecting anything from you. Nature gives you love and care without asking for anything. You can be like sun, which lights the whole world; you can be the moon, who shines in the dark. You can spread happiness.

Mediate on the self and awaken the pure love inside you. Meditation is the key to god and god is love.


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