Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Motivational quotes

Spiritual path inspires and motivates us to lead a happy and peaceful life. Motivational quotes are easy to remember and implement teachings easily. You should start your day with focusing on one of the quote and keep that in your awareness throughout the day and then write your experiences  about where you had chance to live implement the teaching in your life. 
These experiences gave you practical achievements goal and also show your real growth on spiritual path. With the practice of studying teachings daily, you can also imbibe lots of virtues inside you which will eventually help you to face your daily life struggles and living a ease full life.

Motivational Quotes:-

Key to happiness lies inside your heart
It takes time to build castle
Getting lost in the right direction is good. 
As you think, so you become.
Peole who shine frm within don't need spotlight.


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