Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Importance of Kundalini awakening

Initiation on spiritual path

The true initiation on the spiritual path is with the awakening of the kundalini Shakti. The outer activity of the kundalini Shakti gave us the ability to understand the outer world, in the same way when the kundalini waken up inside and become active, then we are able to experience the inner spiritual path. 

It is necessary to experience God

The yogic manuals said that when the inner kundalini is in sleeping state, then no matter how much you perform hard austerities, yoga practices or mantra Japa, You will never able to experience unison with the inner self. You will never able to realize the divinity inside you and neither you will ever understand the God nor will ever experience the Omni presence of the consciousness. So, it is very important to have the knowledge of the kundalini and put efforts in the right direction, if you are a true seeker.

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In the present state, you identify yourself as a human body which has definite shape and size. You have your limitations as a human. You are limiting yourself because of the lack of knowledge and awareness towards your true being.

You did not know the fact that you are bigger than you think. Your capabilities are more than you think.

You are beyond this only body.

Your existence is beyond your body

Your consciousness is the part of the universal energies. You are the part of the cosmos. And when you are aware of this fact, you become complete. You become the consciousness, you become the cosmos. So you are omnipresent. When your kundalini Shakti wakes up inside you then you are able to know your own true form and nature, you realize your greatness and able to understand that you are not just the part of God but the God itself.

If the kundalini remains in dormant state, then you will never able to experience the presence of God in your life even if the God is present in front of you.

Lord Vishnu was charioteer of the Arjuna. He was always present with him but he was unable to learn anything from his presence, because of his unawareness.  But when Lord Vishnu blesses Arjuna and woke up his inner kundalini, then only Arjuna was able to see the divine form of the God. Then The Lord Vishnu gave him his true darshan as the consciousness of the universe. He told him the purpose of the life and truth of the self. It is very difficult to know the God.  God perform every task but still he never considers himself as the doer of anything.
There is a verse in shivmahimn which says, “How will I describe your highness, when you are beyond mann, body and senses.” When soul is infinite, unborn and eternal, then how could you know it? You can only know about the soul thru the medium of the Shakti. 
Shakti is the way to reach the God. Shakti is the form of Shiva. As the way, you recognize someone by his face, the same way when you see the light of the kundalini, you recognize her in her true form as the consciousness.

That is why, to know the God, it is very important to awaken the kundalini shakti inside you. According to the Shaivdarshan, when a siddha yogi attains the strength of the kundalini Shakti, then she expands in infinity and imbibes the whole universe inside her; at that time the siddha yogi can see the entire universe in his soul. He will not be limited to the body but become one with the God, he become one with the supreme power. He became one with the Shiva and in the end become Shiva.


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