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Power of Mantra

What is the meaning of mantra?

Mantra means the name of God, which repeated regularly to attain him and the grace of mantra protects the one who contemplates it. It is something which imposes some power and the repetition of which heals you within. The power of mantra is immense and unidentifiable. The power works as the belief of the enchanter. You should have the belief that the repetition of this word or phrase will give me positive vibes and energy. The trust you show to the mantra, it reflects back to you.

Few phrases are so much powerful that you can feel the vibrations and energy of the word and they are considered as the auspicious mantras and most powerful mantras, like Om, om namah shivaya, soham.

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Importance of mantra:

Mantra is a powerful medium to calm your mind. Mind is full of thoughts and distract us to the outward world, Mind is always playing with thoughts or cooking up imaginations beyond reality, so mantra is the thought which actually calms you down and helps you to turn your thoughts inwards.

How mantra Works?

Mantra is a very life of meditation, the greatest of all techniques. A mantra is a universal sound or cosmic vibration. 

It is vibration of the consciousness, the true experience of the inner self and when we drown ourselves in the mantra; it leads us to the supreme.

Mantra can be in the form of letters, or can be in the form of words, or can be in the form of sentences, but all take us to the ultimate goal. Whether in daily or spiritual life, our entire work is carried via mantra or can say through words. Without words and sentences, we are not able to communicate with each another. With spiritual mantra, we are able to communicate with the self. Mantra is the language of the self.

Mantras bear their fruit very quickly.

The great saint Tukaram Sai said about the mantra: "when the name of the god is on your tongue then liberation is in your hand. 

This can be understood easily as the words you utter for others, the other person immediately gave you response. Sweet words reciprocate into smiles and if you call somebody foolish you have to face their aggression, this is the power of the words. Imagine, if you repeat the name of the god, who possesses so much positive energy and vibes, the same will flood in you.  

Effect of mantra on us

Once a saint is giving lecture on the power of mantra. He was saying that mantra is great and it leads us to God. From behind a man stood up and said, if I shout bread, bread that will not give me bread. After listening to the man, that saint shouted to him that bastard, sit down. The man become furious and starts shaking in anger. He shouted back on him that you call yourself saint but you do not have manners to talk to man. Saint smiled and said I am sorry sir, and begin to tell him further that my one abusive word, filled you with anger, why don’t you believe that the name of the God , which possess so much power itself in it, have some positive impact on you.

Mantra leads us to God

There is no difference between the God and his name. 

The scriptures say that mantra is God. As we repeat the mantra, it purifies us completely by penetrating our entire being. As we repeat it more and more, it penetrates our mind, our intellect and our imaginations. As we repeat mantra, we should focus on our inner self, on the place from where it is coming, the source.

It is very important to understand the meaning of the mantra and associate the mantra with yourself. Without knowledge of the mantra and separating mantra from your own being, there will be no use of repeating it. Like if we communicate in the language which is not understood by the other person, there will be no difference of your words on him. If we hear an abusive word, we immediately identify ourselves as the object of the word, and that is why it has such an effect on us.  Similarly, to communicate with the self, you should associate the words with your being and focus on the meaning of the mantra. The reason mantra does not affect us as profoundly as a bad word is that we do not identify with it in the same way.

The one who wants to attain the power of the mantra, who wants to immerse in mantra, should have the awareness that the goal of the mantra is one’s own inner self, that there is no difference between one inner self, mantra and the goal of the mantra.

Kashmir shaivism says that we should meditate on God by becoming God; only then we can attain God.

How many times you should repeat a mantra.

It is auspicious to repeat 108 times. The significance of the letters: 1, signify the one God; 0, signifies the circle of the life and death; 8, signifies the infinity, shiva symbolizes infinity.

So the number has the auspicious energy within itself, so people used to do mantra japa 108 times. But it is not bounded in numbers. More is merrier. We can repeat as many times as we want to.

Science describes the concept of mantra:

We have given our mind a forced thought as mantra, which is repeated many a times. So, you tend to think that given thought only, throughout the day. As the mantra is positive, you felt positive the whole day with the help of the thought. Your mind is already absorbed in one thought so frequently; other thoughts are not able to dive in the mind. As the number of thought is only one. You felt calm and realize the thoughtless state which is actually the state where you have only one thought altogether which is consciously given to yourself and so you did not consider it as thought and feel thought free.

Power of mantra, mantra, spiritual, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, meditation, healer

Mantra japa practice for the beginners:

It’s always a good practice to start with small steps:
1.Decide your mantra and imagine that the most auspicious and divine word.

2.Decide the numbers of repetition, like you want to repeat it for 9 times in the beginning. You can gradually increase it by the time.

3.Decide a place where you will sit to repeat mantra.

4.Decide a time when you repeat it daily. It is very necessary to have a regular practice to have the proper results.

5.At the decided time and place, start with the pray.  It is necessary to invoke the grace at the beginning, by this means, we call the energies of the cosmos inside us and we enhance it with the practice you are going to do.

6.Repeat the mantra or start mantra japa with focusing on your breathe and with the sync of the incoming and outgoing breath.

7.After you complete the repetition, sit for a while and feel the vibrations of the mantra inside you.

8.When you are done with the practice. Write down your experience in your journal. Journal helps you to track your learning and experiences by the time. You can also see your growth in your experiences after a year and so. You can also revisit them for the motivation.

This is how you can initiate your practice of mantra japa.


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