Sunday, 4 June 2017

Meditation is beyond sleep.

Sleep is the answer to many questions, try beyond it.

The ultimate question of the universe is “what do human beings want? And I think the simplest and most universal answer is happiness. Everything we do is in order to seek happiness. We try to find happiness in our work, food, friends, family, places etc. We used to have our favorite dish, when we feel little sad, we used to meet our friend; we travel to find peace and a lot more things to seek happiness. Now, think about having your favorite ice cream, the joy felt is inside you and not in the ice cream. The happiness lies within not outside which is triggered with the help of outer things. We used to expand our outer world and perform so many daily activities to seek happiness but why can’t we direct access it from the source, which lies inside us.

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The outside is reflection of inside:

The divine happiness lies inside us, the same happiness which we are finding in outside world. The joy felt in doing our favorite activity is actually the reflection of the joy of our inner self.

We are conditioned to seek our happiness outside, because it is easy to put finger on the material things which gave you happiness, but that happiness is temporary. You can stay happy for some time because of your favorite thing, but after some time, again you feel that emptiness in your life and seek outside for some other thing which is more interesting. This way, a human keeps on wandering for the real peace and true happiness that never fades away. Contrary, he is seeking outside, when peace lies inside. Bliss is in the self.

What happens in sleep?

The testimony for this is our sleep. At the end of the day, no matter how much we enjoyed, all we wanted is to take refuge in the blanket and sleep. After the entire hectic day, we used to straightly go to our room, put off the lights and sleep. During sleep, we are alone, we do not want our family, friends, we do not want money, food, nothing at all. We are at ease and in peace. In sleep, all the fatigue of the day is removed by the strength of our own spirit. In the morning, we feel completely refreshed. Our body heals in when we are in sleep. This is the magic of this mystical creation of God.

Meditation is beyond sleep.

If we think carefully, why we got exhausted in day during so much things which we think are the source of our happiness and in contrary. Why we get so much peace at night during our sleep, it will help you to understand that the real source of contentment and happiness is not outside but inside. During the day, our minds turns outward, while in sleep it turns inward and reside in the source, where the self-dwells. That is the reason, a blissful sleep removes all pain and struggle of life, and we forget all the worries of waking state.

In dreams or nightmares we tend to see anything and after waking up, nothing was real what so ever you had experienced in the dream. Your dreaming state is beyond your waking state. Meditation is the witness of all the states. 

In meditation, we can witness all the states. It is beyond all pains and pleasures of your waking state and your dreaming state. 

Meditation is the state beyond the sleep, where there is the source of happiness, which we are seeking in the outside world. What we are really seeking is the supreme truth and thru meditation we can achieve that truth in the form of bliss. Meditation is the state, when we entirely focused inward and this state is once experienced by everyone.

Remember any incidence, when you meet your loved one after a very long time, the time when you hugged the person so tight and closed your eyes, in the moment, you are at peace, your entire focus was toward your heart, that was feeling of happiness rather bliss.
Or remember, you are very hungry and ordered your favorite dish, the moment that first bite goes inside your empty belly, your entire focus turned inward to the bliss you had felt and forgetting everything else.

During meditation, your kundalini rises upward. Your body is the made up of the elements of nature i.e  air, earth, water, sky and fire. But our human body is limited as we are controlled by our senses. When we go beyond our senses. our chakras which represent all the five elements of the  nature opens up. We become on with the energy. We are one with the consciousness at this state. We can see our waking and as well as our dreaming state in the state of meditation.

The real self

Human being is divine, but our lack of knowledge keeps us small.

We think ourselves as body. We identify ourselves with our names, with the taste and preferences we have, we identify ourselves with our thoughts, our talents, and our good and bad actions. But truly these are just societal parameters given to us, this not we truly are.

Within us is a being who knows all the actions of the body and remain untouched by all of them. There is a being in us, when he left, our body seems dead. Who is awake while our body sleeps and in the morning gives report of the dreams to us?

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says: “Arjuna, this body is called a field, and the one who knows it is called the knower of the field. O Arjuna, I am the knower of all these fields”

The one who lives in the body, but who is apart from the body as the knower of it, it is our real self. The self is beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the distinctions of name, color and sex; it is pure “I”, the original I - consciousness that has been with us since we came in to the world.

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