Monday, 5 June 2017

Meditation leads us to the God

Meditation helps us to turn inward and experience the self directly which reside inside us

There are various tools and techniques that are supposed to lead us to the god, but thru all the times, sages and saints meditate to reach the Supreme. Meditation is the most direct way to reach the goal. However, we used to find it outside in the temple, churches, mosque or in the books but all can give you address where the god resides but you have to travel the path inside you thru meditation to reach the god.

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Meditate on your inner self leads you to God.

The great saints and siddha beings always suggest meditating over books and visits of temple. Their belief was that your body is your temple and your inner self is the god, you have to turn inward and see thru the eyes of the soul to experience that god. Saints believe that brain can make books and but books cannot make brain, so develop yourself with your inner power. The outside world cannot give us peace and happiness till the time we are not happy and calm from inside, so it is very important to visit inside first.

Meditation on outward things provide you skills

The Upanishad says that everything in the universe is in meditation. Meditation is universal and for all. Meditation is nothing but the perfect power of concentration.  The concentration towards outward helps us to do our outer work; we read with concentration and got skilled in that field. But when we turn our focus inward and give our attention to the inner self, just as we focus on external objects, we meditate on the self. Meditation on the self gives us the knowledge of the ultimate truth.

Meditation liberates

Meditation is a purifier that washes away all the sins of countless lifetimes and removes all the negativity and stress that stuck in the mind. Meditation heals us of disease and makes us more skilled at everything we do. Thru meditation, our awareness expands and our understanding of inner and outer world grows and become deeper. We travel thru many inner journeys via meditation and have many significant experiences. Meditation balances the mind, which constantly wanders and become the cause of sufferings. It establishes us in the state of supreme self, a state of equipoise, which is independent of the outer world.

Meditation tells the difference between the inner and outer world.

It is important to distinguish between the body and the self, when we are able to understand that body does not limit us, that the pain and pleasure of the body do not affect us; at that time we are able to recognize the self.

According to the Vedanta, pain and pleasure only affect the person who does not know the inner self. Even in our daily routine, we feel pain when we got hurt for certain time, for certain consciousness, we do not feel it all the time or when we divert our mind, we tends to forget pain. And during the sleep, all pain, all miseries of the body and mind vanishes ad you fall asleep in the peace.

In dream, we visualize something which is also not real. In meditation, we can witness all the states and this state is the state of God, is the state of Inner self.

When we pass from dream to waking state, our understanding changes, similarly when we realize our real self, we see ourselves differently; we understand that we are divine. We are divine, because we can achieve the state of divine thru meditation, divinity lies inside us, inside all of us.
There was a great being name Hazrat Bayazid Bistami. He was a sufi and used to meditate regularly. As his meditation became deeper, he reached a state in which he began to proclaim, “I am God”. One who has not experienced it finds it hard to believe.

Understanding it in a simpler way, with experiences, your understanding for yourself changes, when are studying, you call yourself a student, when you start working, you call yourself a working man, your experiences grow and so as your understanding. When you identify your body, you call yourself as student or working men, but when your “I’ vanishes in the supreme light, you become one with the highest, subtlest level of consciousness, which attains the awareness: “I am God”. That understanding emanates from the deepest place inside us which can be visited with the help of meditation.


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