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Supreme nature of Kundalini


In every ancient scripture, kundalini Shakti is described in their own different ways. In Japanese, It is called as “Ki”. In Chinese, it is called as “Chi” and in Christianity; it is called as “Holy Spirit”.

The other name for kundalini is Chitti, it means the consciousness and awareness of the universe. Prtyabhigyahridyam, the main scripture of Shaivdarshan described kundalini as: Chitti svatantrta vishwasiddhi hetu, “Universal consciousness creates the world with her free will”. Consciousness is supremely free.  She is not bounded to create the Universe; she creates the universe with her supreme wish.

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What is the form and nature of kundalini in actual?

Kundalini is power of the soul, it is the consciousness. It is said that the kundalini is sleeping inside us as the form of rounded snake. The name also suggests the formation of the energy, in Hindi the spirally formed posture is known as kundali, as a snake sat making a spiral of whole being.

Where is kundalini situated in human body?

This energy is in dormant state in the human beings. Kundalini is present at the root of the spine which is called Madhya. The dormancy state of the kundalini is the cause of the wanderer behavior of human; they are not known the truth of their existence and the universal energy. They wander in the search of the happiness in the outer world.

This divine power which is present in every human being is called kundalini.

The kundalini Shakti has two sides: one is outer, which connects us to the outside world and other is inner, which helps us to turn inward and took us to the supreme truth. The outer side of the kundalini Shakti is working properly for all of us as we are connected to the outer world perfectly but the inner side is in dormant state. When we wake up the kundalini Shakti, the knowledge of the self illuminates inside us, which is the most important knowledge.

The divinity of kundalini

Shakti is wife of Shiva so Kundalini is worshipped as mother in India, she is considered as the supreme power. She has given birth to the universe. She is formless and eternal, all pervading and omnipresent divine consciousness. Some people see her as bliss. The yogis treat her as their goal. The disciples sing the song of her name and she became their love. The seekers of the Supreme see the same Shakti in all and they glide into it as experiencing Shakti in different forms. There is nothing beautiful, powerful, great and divine as kundalini Shakti. She resides at the Madhya and she blazes like a beautiful shiny beams of morning sunrise and when she awaken inside us, then we can see her as epitome of light shimmering within us.

She has the power to create the universe. 

The way, heat has the capability to burn, so it is not different from Fire; in the same way, the one who possesses the power to create the universe, is not different from the Supreme God.

In mantra, she is in the verses of mantra and in words; she is in the form of knowledge. She creates the verses and she has given birth to the sound, language and symbols. So she is present from the beginning till the end of the symbols with which we communicate. The main sutra called Shiva Sutra from Kashmir Shaivasim said that: Ichcha shaktiruma kumara, “Kundalini is god’s spinster will, who is called Uma” She is called spinster because she is constant in progressive mode. The play of the Shakti is – to create the universe, and maintain a balance in it.

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In this world there is much diversity. There are so many various things in this universe that it is very difficult to know them all and every atom has consciousness in its own. Everything we now are consciousness. A farmer sows many varieties of seeds like lemon, chili, sugarcane etc. in his field. He gave water to all the seeds and when this water enters in the seed, it transforms its characteristics as of the fruit. Like when the water goes inside the lemon, it becomes sour; similarly, when water goes in the chilies, it becomes spicy. But the soil, water and the farmer is same who helps the seeds to grow and become fruits. In the same way, the Shakti, who creates the different things of universe, transforms itself in the different forms but the consciousness is the same in all. As the physical bodies of every human is different but the soul is same as one consciousness.

Kundalini did not make the universe like the way a man make different things on earth, like a man make a house but the house and the man are different from each other. But the kundalini Shakti creates every part of universe with the part of herself. She is present in parts in her every creation. So ultimately she is the universe.

She becomes sun, moon and stars to light the universe, she took different forms in according to maintain the life on the universe and help his very own every creation. 

She became the life force to alive the humans, birds, plants and animals. She is one who became water to fulfill our thirst. She became the food to feed us. Everything we see or not able to see, from earth till the sky, the one who existed is Chitti, is consciousness, and is kundalini or nothing else. She is one who gave action and consciousness to the Hugh elephant and also to the smallest of the ant.  She is present is the purest form in her all creations and she never loses her divinity in any form of creation.

Kundalini awakening heals you

The divine power of kundalini is the power of our soul. We talk about waking up the kundalini inside our body, but it is already awake inside our body. The way the Shakti has created the universe and nurturing it in the same way she has created human body and she is present from toe to head. In universe she resides in the middle and took care of it, in the same way, inside a human body, she resides in the Madhya, at the origin of the spine, while present in the root Chakra; she is regulating the web of 72000 nerves in the body and nurturing each one of them.

Kundalini is the base of the life. She activates the body. When she is active outwards, then she works thru the senses and mind and give us ability to efficiently work with them. She is one who energizes each sense according to their behavior. She is the power who listens thru ears, sees thru eyes, tastes thru tongue and etc. Our mind works and we are able to think with the help of the consciousness. We are able to contemplate and discriminate with this power. She empowers our imagination. She flow our breath in incoming and outgoing direction and pumps our heart.

She is omnipresent in her outer form and this is reason, we are not able to experience her inner presence instead of her active presence inside us.  We are able to understand her only with the knowledge of the self. We have to waken the inner kundalini and activate her because she is one who exposes herself to us. We are not able to understand her with the outer means. As sun lights the whole world and itself, similarly the Shakti knows everything and herself too. When she became activate in the inner state, she will herself emerge as the knowledge and expose herself to us.


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