Monday, 21 August 2017

How can I be successful in life?

A very common goal of many people is achieving success. Now the definition of success can be varied from person to person. For some of us success is when we don’t have to see price tags while shopping and for those people success is measured with the count of money. But for few people success is the synonym of popularity, name and fame.

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But in all the destinations of the success the path travelled to reach that desired destination is the same. Success requires you to be original and which requires you to be you. But the most common mistake done by people is that they travel the trodden path, copy the one who is already success to ensure their own success.

Success is not about taking the safe path but success is the result of being your original version. It is the destination of the path where you listened to your heart and accept your passion and then took it to the expertise. Effortless work in the direction where there is fun to travel alone is the direction to success.

Reading a motivational success story and get motivated is easy and that motivation get you started but in what direction? Direction is very important to discover. Discover your direction where you would love to lose yourself to give you the new identity as a successful man.

Now, the question arises how can i know the right direction? Success is all about walking towards the direction of your heart. To know your god gifts, you have to spend time with yourself. We think that we are so close to our self but in contrary we are very far from our consciousness. That’s the reason we feel so confused while making decisions, we have to think so much about what we want, what we like, what we want to do with our life, whom should we love, whom should we trust and all other difficult but mandate questions of life.

The one who knows his self is the person who knows what his heart wants, what makes him happy, whom he can love, whom he can trust and what is the purpose of his life and how he can make big in this life. Making a right choice is counted. Hatred will never provide you success and achievement in your life. You should love your work, your life, and your people.  Your hard work do not guarantees success to you, but it will guarantees you lessons and motivation with failure also rather than disappointment and depression. And aggressive and continuous efforts in right direction will guarantee you success.

Imagine the situation when you are so clear headed and follow your heart and is so happy. Yes, this only imagination is so calming.

Now, what should be doing in order to stay connected to our self?  Meditate
Meditation is the only answer of all the questions you have. Meditation brings your awareness to your Heart and your consciousness. Your heart knows all the answers and these answers will lead you to your passion.
Your passion is that where you will not get tired, it works as a stress buster for you. When you love something with all your heart, you enjoy working on it. You will stay with it and you own that work. Tell me, if you follow some work with this intensity, dint you get success. Yes, you will definitely get it. You need not to run behind it, you just have to follow your passion. People will come to you and adore you for your love for the things you do. Your love connects you with the work and with the people and this is the real success. You become one of your own kinds because you followed what you love and so you are the best in what you did.


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