Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Stop draining your energy with 5 simple steps

A biological research held on plants and made a breaking discovery that the plants can draw energy from other plants. Yes, it’s true that the plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This research could also have a major contribution in bioenergy eventually giving the evidence that other living beings like humans can also draw energy in the same manner from other beings like plants.

Members of the research team has confirmed for the very first time that green alga named chlamydomonas reinhardtii, has the alternate source of energy from other plants and it also engages in photosynthesis. The research report was released in the online journal named Nature communications published by Journal nature.

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Plants need sunlight and water to grow and so as humans. People are like sponges, soaking up the environment energy.
Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee, Psychologist and Energy healer has defined the concept and said
“This is the reason, few people feel uncomfortable in specific environment or with group of people, where there is compelling energy and emotions”
He added further, that when these studies become more advanced then we can surely test them on humans and eventually able to translate for them. Further he said,

“The livings beings are not different from each other in few things, Humans and plants are alike, they draw needed energy to feed their emotional states which energize their cells or cause increases in cortisol an catabolize cells depending on the triggered emotions.”

The doctor affirms that the humans can heal within their own self and as well as via other living beings with the help of energy transfer like plants.
“Humans can absorb the energy via other humans, animals and any part of nature and heal themselves. That’s why being in nature is always so calming, energizing and uplifting for almost everyone.
Even doctors also recommend nature therapy for some of the patients.

Here are few tips to use to prevent your energy from draining and clear your space.

1. Stay connected to your inner self: Staying with your self means staying grounded with your true self and your purpose (rather than being driven by your ego). When you connected to your inner self, you can sense immediately when someone invade your space. With your grounded state you can able to release other emotions with your intention.

2. Maintain equipoise: If you do not like some group or person or place, don’t try to resist yourself, don’t push hard because the negativity then stuck in your place. And similarly too much indulgent in other things might disturb the orientation of your energy. Try to maintain the balance between the energies inside your place. Make calm and peace with anything and everything coming in the way and deal wisely. This will help you to avoid being carried away in your emotions which can be triggered by external energy. Be like a clear glass, if someone throws something on you, it will never get stuck in you, and it will get pass thru you.

3. Own your true self: We all have an aura around us that is the energy we have imbibed within us. We should own our space and protect it. If we shouldn’t protect it we will become vulnerable for the foreign energies to attack and enter in our energy zone. Be aware of your place and own it with strength. It means that we should protect our mental and physical health from the people likely to harm us.

4. Clean your energy: In the outside world, we are bound to have encounter with so many people for different purposes, so it’s good to clean your energy. There are few activities which can help you to clean your energy:

# Meditation, it is all time a favorite activity to cleanse yourself and protect your aura. You can easily start meditation by clicking here.

# Nature walk, Nature possesses positive and healing energy. As human body acts as a sponge, people absorb the free and positive energy of the nature and release their negative energy in the ground. Staying in nature for some time, it entirely cleans your aura.

# Watching sunrise, Sun is the god who burns all the negativity and provides the light and shine in the life. Praying to the Lord Sun will cleanse you and give you power and strength.

# Regular prayer, Prayer to the supreme energy will surely help you to clean your aura. You should fix a time of the day when you can regular sit for pray for 5-10 minutes. You should take a bath and put clean clothes before sitting for the prayer. Clean the temple daily before starting the prayer.

5. Summon your strength and power: When we are filled with our energy, there will be no space to enter foreign energy and so it is important to strengthen your energy every day. As we go outside every day and meet people, unknowingly we spread our energy in the environment. Sometimes we consciously use our energy to heal our friends, loved ones and sometimes to bless them. At that time, it is important to refill yourself with your own true natural aura. You can do this with all the methods which are told above to clean the energy.

Those methods cleanse your body and soul and also fill you with the positivity and strengthen your soul and body. 


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